[DDO] A Monk on my Back

In case you missed me: Last Saturday, a microburst hit my area and I’ve been left without power for several days. I was smack dabbed in the middle of a heat wave too. Without cooling, I didn’t really miss playing games because I had other concerns. 

I skipped raffling my games this time and just went with DDO. I want to take advantage of their DDO bonus days (+20 XP until Sunday), make up for the gaming time I lost, and get my Druid up to level 5 this weekend. I’ve been having a lot of fun playing him, my Druid. I’m in Tanglefoot Gorge right now, and he (with his pack) just tears through those hobgoblins in the area. But he’s not a pure Druid anymore, like I intended him to be. Because I finally manned-up and splashed him with a Monk level.

My Half-Orc Druid, Surthor, with his pack.

A Half-Orc Druid/Monk is one of my favorite multi-class in D&D. A wolf (or a bear) is already dangerous. So, can you imagine what a wolf (or a bear) with ninja skills is capable of? Lots of damage, lots of harm. Of course, DDO is a different kind of D&D, and the Druid class is new and with little information. So, at first, I was a little hesitant to multi-class my Druid with the Monk.

Half-Orc Kung-Fu Direwolf!

But after reading more about the classes, through DDOwiki, I found that my Druid can gain tremendous benefits from a splash of Monk levels (3 levels). Here’s the list of those benefits:

  1. More Armor. With a level of Monk, my Wisdom modifier –which is pretty high since it’s also essential for Druid Spellcasting– adds a passive bonus to my Armor Class.
  2. 2 Extra Martial Arts Feats. With two Monk levels, I can pick up two more feats like Toughness and Stunning Fists.
  3. More Wisdom. At Monk level 3, I can pick up a +1 Wisdom enhancement to my character. This will come in handy since my character needs a lot of Wisdom to be really effective.
  4. Lesser Monk Stances. With a level of Monk, I gain a few stances that gives me a variety of offensive/defensive tactics.
  5. Finishing Moves. Adds elemental damage bonuses to your unarmed strike. It’s not much. But it’s cool.

A Druid 17/Monk 3, then. The downside with this build, however, is that I’ll have a lot of item restrictions (with my Druidic Oath and my Monk needing to be on a centered state). But I’ll have a working build (I think). I’ll have level 9 spells, all of the dire and elemental shape-shift forms and a little bit of kung-fu.


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