[DDO] Druidic Steam

While playing DDO last week, I wished that –like LotRO– it was also available on Steam. Well, the gods of gaming must have heard my prayer. Because, when I opened my client last Thursday night, I found out that DDO is now on Steam. So, now, I can track the number of hours I’ve spent on this game.

Steam is also offering the Half-Orc pack for $10. This offer is up until the 9th of July. The pack includes the Half-Orc race, a stat boosting necklace and 500 Turbine Points. This is not a good pack, however. They could’ve at least bundled two low-level adventures and a 750 Turbine Points to start off new players. You don’t really need a Half-Orc race. Unless, of course, you want to play a Shape-shifting Druid with lots of Strength and Wisdom. Like I do.

Wolfmother! My Druid and his cubs.

So, I took advantage of Steam’s offer and got the Half-Orc pack. For sometime now, I’ve been itching to play my favorite D&D build, which I dubbed “Kung Fu Werewolf”, a Half-Orc Druid/Monk build. Unfortunately, there are no “Were” forms in DDO. In addition, I don’t know much about the Druid. DDO hasn’t updated their compendium yet. So, there’s little information about the class. So, I’m not sure about multi-classing yet. Right now, I’m just going to stick with a pure Druid.

My Druid is only at level 2. But I’m having a lot of fun with the class. I also love that I can roll around town with a pack! With me as a Wildshape: Wolf, Summon Nature’s Ally: Wolf, my Wolf Pet and the Wolf Companion (non-combat) that I got from pre-purchasing MotU. My pack, with the help of my Blood Moon Frenzy enhancement, can also tear up mobs fairly quick.

A select mid to low level adventure packs are also 35% off right now. I’m not sure when this offer will end (I think the 5th of July). If you can afford it, go grab Tanglefoot Gorge and Delara’s Tomb. I’m playing Tanglefoot Gorge with my Artificer right now, and I’m loving the area. As for Delara’s Tomb, I haven’t played it yet. But, through reviews and the forums, I’ve heard its good.


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