[DDO] A Menacing Expansion

I just played DDO for 10 straight hours. Yesterday, I played the game for 12 hours, up until 3 in the morning. That goes without saying I’m hooked on it. So much that I even bought the collector’s edition of its upcoming expansion, Menace of the Underdark.

Lolth, The Spider Queen, awaits in the Underdark.

It does not bode well –especially for a frugal gamer– to buy an $80 expansion of a game you had barely played. That’s like the equivalent of saying “I love you” to a girl you just met. But, believe it or not, I did put a lot of thought on this purchase. Since Thursday, after I tried DDO and ended up liking it, I asked myself questions before I bought the expansion. Will I stick with DDO like I would with LotRO and GW2? Do I need the expansion? Is the collector’s edition worth buying?

But today, after getting my Artificer up to Level 6, it became apparent that I need more DDO. So, yes, I will be sticking around in this game. I will also need the Menace of the Underdark if I want to continue my adventures in Eberron, and reach the epic levels. As for the collector’s edition, it’s definitely worth getting.

$80 is a lot of money for an expansion. But if you’re a new freemium DDO player, like me, who only owns a few adventure packs (or none at all), the collector’s edition is the cheapest and fastest way to get the most out of DDO. The package includes 12 adventure packs, ranging from level 5 to 25. That alone will ensure your continued enjoyment of the game. But if you need more low-level adventure packs, the collector’s edition also includes 2,000 Turbine Points, which can afford you two to three more mid to low level adventures.

The total cost of the 12 adventure packs and the 2,000 Turbine Points is already at $83.95 (8395 Turbine Points). So, you already got your money’s worth. The Druid Class (1495 TP), the Greater Tome of Learning (1595 TP), Epic Destinies (995 TP) and other fluffy knick-knacks are just icing on the cake. So, yeah, definitely worth it if you’re not a VIP.

Anyways, it’ll probably take me awhile until I reach The Underdark content. But I’m really looking forward to it. Because I find The Underdark as the most interesting place in Faerun. Also, I’m dying to find out if my old Monk/Druid build (Shapeshift: Werewolf + Monk’s unarmed attacks) will work in this game.

So, what about you? Did you get the expansion? Do you think it’s worth its price?


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