[DDO] Rune Arms of Magic

I managed to log in to DDO today using the account that my friend gave me. I also moved to his server, Sarlona, so I could access his bank and high level characters. But the first thing I did was free up a character slot, and I really felt bad that I have to delete one of his characters (not really). It was a tough choice (not really). But I had to let go of his Level 6 Elven Bard (his lowest character, and my least favorite class) and make room for my Artificer.

The Artificer is a premium class on DDO. Normally, I wouldn’t have even bothered to look at it. But, since I haven’t played D&D using the Eberron setting, I’m not familiar with the class. So, I got curious and read a bit about it. The next thing I know, I was using all the Turbine Points that my friend had left me to unlock the class. Luckily, it was on 50% off sale earlier this week. So, along with the 5% off that I got from the DEMOCOUPON1, I was able to afford it.

My Artificer, Breawen, charging up her Rune Arm.

The class is expensive, yes. But it’s worth the price. I’m really enjoying it. Clearing a dungeon, on hard difficulty, with an Artificer is a walk in the park. At least, compared to my Rogue. Like my Rogue, my Artificer is also a ranged DPS (or I think I’m building her that way). The difference between them is that I have an ammo problem with my Rogue. My Artificer, she can “Conjure Bolts” out of nothing.

My pet, an Iron Defender is also awesome. Sometimes, I don’t even have to do anything. With my Augment Summoning feat, the tough little thing can clear a room full of regular mobs with enough life to spare at the end of combat. Then there’s the Rune Arm, of course, which is what makes the class unique. The Rune Arm is like an arm cannon that you can charge up, fire, and watch mobs die. I just received my first Rune Arm, Thought Spike. Combined with my Spell Amplification enhancement, this thing really does pack a punch.

Right now, my Artificer is about to hit level 3. But I really need to do some more reading about the class. I don’t want to make any mistakes with her. Respec’ing in DDO is expensive. I already found one good guide, and it served me tremendously during character creation. But I need to find DDO’s official Artificer manual. I also need a character builder. So, if any of you guys know something. Please, drop a line.

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