[DDO] Going Premium

When I started blogging, I never expected to receive any sort of reward. So, I was a bit surprised when I found a premium DDO account sitting on my e-mail last Thursday night.

The premium account belonged to an old acquaintance, who provided me a Magic: The Gathering starter deck back in the late 90’s. He told me that he played DDO intermittently for a year, right after it went free-to-play. Then he had to stop when his second child was born. But when he saw my post on Facebook, he dug up his old account because he wanted to play with me. Unfortunately, since he lives on the other side of the world, we couldn’t find a time slot when we could play together. So, he decided to give up his account to me instead.

I’m very grateful for the premium account. Not only did I get two more character slots (which I don’t really need), but my friend’s account is loaded with other upgrades. I’ll enumerate:

  1. 496 Turbine Points
  2. 32 Point Builds
  3. Monk Class
  4. Tanglefoot Gorge Adventure Pack
  5. Three Barrel Cove Adventure Pack
Overall, this account is a great way for me to start DDO. I can make a better character with the 32 point build, and the two low-level adventures will keep me playing for a while. The only downside is that I have to leave my Level 4 Rogue on my own account. Which is not that big of a deal. I need to create a 32 point character anyways.

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