F2P Journey: Dungeon Crawling in Eberron

It’s been awhile since I’ve tried out a new F2P. So, as per my summer bucket list, it’s time to move in on another free-to-play MMO. This time, I’m momentarily eschewing the wastelands of Fallen Earth in favor of the dungeons in Dungeons & Dragons Online: Eberron Unlimited.

Dungeons & Dragons Online: Stormreach was supposedly my first MMO. After all, table-top D&D (along with Magic: The Gathering) opened the gates to geekdom for me. So, I thought it appropriate that an online D&D game, a franchise that I’m already familiar with, should also open the MMO arena for me. School got in the way, however, and the game quickly faded into the mists of obscurity. So, I never had the chance to play it. But now that it has resurfaced as a F2P, I going to delve deep into its dungeons.

There’s a new Hafling in town.

I haven’t gone far with the game yet. But my first impressions of DDO is strong. I especially love its character creation. It’s complex and deep. I feel sorry for players who haven’t played a single D&D game (table-top or CRPG) using the 3rd edition rules. Lucky for me, I’ve enough experience with the rules to avoid mistakes –like choosing the wrong feats, misplacing attribute points, etc.– when advancing my character.

As for my character, I rolled a Halfling Rogue and named him Snork (an anagram of Skron). So far, I like playing him. But he’s expensive when it comes to health potions. I guess they weren’t kidding when they said it will be challenging to solo with a Rogue. I’ll stick with him for awhile and see what happens. But, I think, a reroll is imminent. I should tank, maybe.

Overall, I’m enjoying DDO. As a Rogue, the dungeons are fun and challenging for me. Also, it’s a very different game. It doesn’t have the gameplay of a traditional MMO. So, the learning curve is pretty steep. But I’m willing to learn it. Because its dungeon instances has a modular feel to it that makes me nostalgic. Now, only if I can get a party going to go on a regular dungeon delving with me.

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