The Summer Bucket List

Summer will officially start in a couple of days. Which means I’ve one more season left for fooling around before school takes hold of my life. So, I’m going to make this Summer count and squeeze every fun I could get out of it.

Unfortunately, since I’m too poor to do anything fancy, my definition of fun is only limited to playing games, reading books and listening to music. So, my bucket list for this Summer will revolve around those things.

Here’s the list of what I wish to accomplish this Summer:

1. Gain More Levels
LotRO is the only MMO that’s holding my attention right now, and the foreseeable future. So, before the Summer ends, I’m going to make use of my time and get Scorbo (my Hobbit Burglar) near level 50 with a Master proficiency in crafting.

I really need to start working on this.

I’m also planning to re-install Guild Wars, and see if I can motivate myself to start working on my Hall of Monuments.

2. Read More Books
I’ve got no money to buy new books. So, instead, I’m just going to re-read some of my old favorites (Brave New World, 1984, The Once and Future King). I also have 5 backlogs books that has been begging me to read them since 2010.

3. Try More F2P Games
So far, I’ve only tried three Free-to-Play MMOs (The Lord of the Rings Online, Aion and Fallen Earth). So, this Summer, I’m hoping to try more F2P. Dungeons & Dragons Unlimited, World of Tanks, Champions Online, DC Universe Online and Age of Conan are the games that are next on my list.

4. Play More Non-MMO Games
I love it when Steam is having huge sales event. Because I get a lot of cheap and good games. But it has a negative effect: game backlogs. Right now, I have an astronomical backlog on Steam. I’ve 9 games that I haven’t played (including Dead Island, BioShock 2, Alpha Protocol and Shogun 2). So, I’m going to play at least two games from that back log.

5. Take More Pictures
My camera took the backseat when I started this blog. As a result, my Project 365 is now dead. So, as punishment for temporarily abandoning photography. I’m going to do and complete a project 365 in the Summer. That’s 4 pictures per day.

So, that’s my Summer bucket list. It’s short and, like I said, nothing fancy.

What about you? What are you plans for this Summer?



  1. mmochick · · Reply

    I’m thinking lotro is going to be the next mmo I’m gonna try?? Need something to hold my attention whilst waiting for GW2 😦

    1. You should check out LotRO. So far, it’s fending off my “Guildrawal” just fine. But, yeah, Guild Wars 2 needs to come now.

  2. battlechicken · · Reply

    Good list; sounds like a good summer to me! 😀

    1. Cheap and alcohol free too!

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