[LotRO] How I Got Hooked Back Into LotRO

Earlier this week, I suffered from a mild case of “Guildrawal” –the side effect of extensively playing Guild Wars 2 beta over the weekend. So, in order to allay my extreme yearning for the game, I tried playing every game I have installed on my PC, and every PS3 game that I own. None of them satisfied me, however. Except for LotRO.

I haven’t logged in to LotRO for quite awhile now. I admit that, while it seems great (and I enjoy shopping costumes for my characters), the game doesn’t really have the things I’m looking for in a MMO. Mainly, leveling without grinding or questing, i.e. “dynamic events”. Out of desperation (and also a chronic case of Riftdrawal), I almost resubbed to RIFT. Then, I remembered my LotR Extended Edition Blu-Ray. That’s when I got hooked back into the game.

Scorbo, The Postman.

Reason #1: The Lord of the Rings: Extended Edition, Blu-Ray
I got the Blu-Ray back in December, from my Aunts in NY, as a Christmas present. But I haven’t had the time to sit down and watch them all in one go. So, with nothing else to do, I finally checked them out. Since I only own the theatrical cut DVD of the films, I was at awe when I saw the movies in HD. It was so clear, so magical. It was so long too, with every movie averaging at 4 hours. It took me more than 13 hours to finish the entire trilogy (I started at 1 PM and slept at 2:30-ish AM the next day). But the movie did great job whetting my appetite to play more LotRO.

Reason #2: Boxed copy of Mines of Moria Expansion
Then, yesterday, while driving around in my old neighborhood, I saw the bargain warehouse where I used to go to get cheap snacks and other household supplies. Sometimes, this warehouse also carry games and software (I got Lightroom 2 from them for $20, 3 years ago). So, I stopped by and, my luck panned out, they had copies of Mines of Moria. Since they were selling them for $10, I didn’t hesitate to buy it. Now, I have a VIP account, which gives me 2 extra bags (which I sorely needed) and 2 new classes: Warden and Rune-Keeper.

Reason #3: LotRO just got steamy
LotRO has also become available on Steam. They were offering a pretty decent starter pack as well. I didn’t get it though. I don’t think I’ll need it. But I re-installed my LotRO client on Steam. I know this is weird, but I love to see a high Steam rating. Right now, since I don’t have a lot of games installed on Steam (damn you EA and Origin), my rating is pretty low. So, raising my rating is another reason why I kept playing LotRO these past few days.

Two of the reasons of how I got hooked back into playing LotRO again.

That’s how I got hooked back into LotRO, and I’ve been playing it relentlessly for two days now. By playing the game, I also found out that completing deeds has a Diablo-like addictiveness. In which killing mobs doesn’t feel like a chore anymore. So, that’s what I’ve been doing with my Burglar right now, doing deeds and getting traits. A couple more slugs and brigands, and I’ll be able to move Scorbo out of The Shire.


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  1. I have just started playing lotro aswell in hope it will keep me amused till gw2 releases. I’ve been playing for 4 nights now and I have a lil 15 elf in the shire and I’m loving every minute of it!! I wish I found this game sooner 🙂

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