[ME3] Searching For Vorchas

Besides the occasional Counter-Strike or Left 4 Dead with real life friends, I really don’t play co-op or team vs. team shooter games. But Mass Effect 3, in hopes of getting a better ending by increasing my galactic readiness and military strength, managed to lure me into playing its co-op multiplayer game. It was a lie, of course. Because even if you have 100% galactic readiness and 6000 military strength (like I did during my second playthrough), you’re still going to get a crappy ending. No matter what.

Cock the hammer. It’s time for action.

However, that doesn’t mean I hate the game, or its multiplayer. In fact, I really love its multiplayer. It’s one of the reasons why Mass Effect 3 is still installed in my already crowded hard drive. But, admittedly, I haven’t played the game since Diablo III came out. So, with the new multiplayer DLC, Rebellion (which is free), I decided to pay the game a visit and check out what’s new.

As I’ve expected, my fragging skills were a bit rusty. While I’m not that good at playing shooter games, I never finish last. This time, I did. On the second game, I switched my Geth Infiltrator for my Krogan Solider. Then, I went melee with the class. Krogans, you just gotta to love them. They’re brutishly cute, they hit hard and they’re hard to kill. So, my Krogan was mowing down Geths, Reapers, Cerberus Agents and came out first on every game.

Krogan Soldier, using an Inferno Grenade on Geth Troopers.

Unfortunately, after playing 6 games, I never saw any of the new maps (I play random maps to get into games much quicker). So, I got bored and quit. What’s also disappointing is that, after buying 2 spectre packs (worth 120,000 credits), I’ve never received any of the new character cards from the packs. I was really looking forward to unlock any of the Vorcha Sentinel or the Ex-Cerberus Adept . Both class seem fun to play. Especially the Vorcha.

Guess I’ll have to play more, earn more credits, and keep buying those spectre packs until I get the Vorcha.


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