[GW2] Thieving Around Beta

I had a very tremendous weekend, just as I had predicted on my previous post. These past three days were filled with various events –Guild Wars 2: Beta Weekend Event #2, The Chicago Blues Festival, and Printers Row Lit Fest– and I’m glad that I was able to participate in all of them. I was able to take my camera out as well, and did some photography. I haven’t done that in a while. So, it’s feels great to feel productive again. Though it’s a bitch choosing from and editing 250+ images.

Anyways, go here if you want to checkout my other shenanigans last weekend. Otherwise, stay and let’s talk about the 2nd Beta Weekend Event of Guild Wars 2.

The Human Thief

My Human Thief in Divinity’s Reach.

As I mentioned in my BWE to-do list, I started a Human Thief to play this beta weekend. I’ve always been a fan of the rogue, burglar, scoundrel. You know, the stealthy archetype. It’s probably a childhood hang-up for wanting to be a part of the Arashikage. So, playing like a backstabbing, stealthy ninja in MMOs and RPGs is probably some sort of a psychological mechanism.

Unfortunately, in Guild Wars 2, Thieves can’t really skulk around (or maybe they just didn’t tell me). Well, not for long anyways. The stealth in this game lasts for a couple of seconds only, and it’s only best to use them during emergencies –like hiding from that veteran earth elemental, who you thought was just a regular mob. While I was disappointed by the lack of its stealth, I kept toying around with the class and ended up liking it. All because of the shortbow.



I’m a dual-wielding kind of person (not IRL). As I’ve said in this blog before, any game that let’s you dual-wield pistols is a definite win for me. So, I tried dual wielding pistols. They get the job done but they’re pretty boring. At least compared to the Engineer’s pistol/pistol skills. I did try dual-wielding daggers, pistol/dagger, and dagger/pistol. None of them clicked with me. So, in a last ditch effort to make my Thief more fun, I tried shortbow. Needless to say, I fell in love with it. Especially its Trick Shot attack.

If you haven’t played the Thief, or used a shortbow on a Thief, Trick Shot is an auto-attack skill that has a ricochet effect, making your arrows bounce on multiple enemies that are close to each other. What I love about this attack is that if I pop all my venoms (Skale and Ice Drake) in a crowded area, like I usually do in WvWvW, it affects three opponents –chilling them and making them vulnerable. I also love the shortbow because it gives you lots of escape tricks. The disabling shot, for example, is a leap backwards/cripple your opponents shot. I’ve killed a couple of melee classes, 1v1, in WvW, using it.

  PvE: Exploration and Events

Exploring Lion’s Arch.

I never tried PvE during the first beta weekend. So, trying out the PvE content of Guild Wars 2 was also included on my BWE to-do list. Since I’m a PvP’er at heart, I didn’t plan to stay long on PvE. But I did.

It pretty much started with exploration. I was in Queensdale, just running around and looking for Skill Challenges. Then, all of a sudden, after finishing the last Skill Challenge on the map, a huge treasure chest popped on my screen, congratulating me that I’ve completed exploring Queensdale. I got awarded with a hefty amount of XP for that. So, I went ahead and did the same in Lion’s Arch and Divinity’s Reach. I could’ve unlocked Kessex Hills too. But the Skill Challenge in Merefoot Hills was bugged.

During my exploration, dynamic events would pop up. These events are pretty much like the Public Quests in WAR and the rifts in RIFT. Except they’re much more fun. Whenever I see one on my map, I just feel compelled to run and help, whether its to repel Tamini Pillagers or demoralizing a group of bandits. My favorite events so far are the underwater ones in Kessex Hills, the one where you have to protect Quaggans from the Kraits and killing the champion, Blood Witch. The Blood Witch, especially, was fun. It took a lot of players to bring her down.

World vs. World vs. World

The full might of Gaiscioch (GnR, GnA, GSGC).

While I spent most of my time on PvE this beta weekend, I was still able to meet up with my guild for some WvWvW fun last Saturday night. Like always, I had a blast playing with these guys. We were out in full force, and I have to lower my video settings just to increase my FPS (didn’t help). I exactly don’t have our numbers. But, that night, two of our three guilds were full. So we were knocking down some doors.

We were the red team that night. The blue team were giving us a good fight. The green team were nowhere to be found. The toughest, most fun fight we had was on the main keep of Ferguson’s Crossings. That siege probably lasted an hour. The two teams were trading blows, back and fourth. We knock down their front door and all their walls. But they kept on pushing us back. What’s worse is that they had a lot of NPC guards, tough ones too. So, I kept dying from that. We had them though, just minutes before they updated the client.

Yup, we won that night.

Anyways, that’s it for my Guild Wars 2 write up. I had tons of fun playing as a Shortbow-wielding Thief, kiting multiple mobs and surviving 1v1 battles in WvW. I’m not sure if it’ll be my main class yet. But I certainly love it more than my Engineer now. I’ll have to try the Ranger on the next beta weekend. Since Rakuno ranked it as a “must play”. I also wish they’ll let us play with the Sylvari and Asura the next time. But when’s “next time” though? We’ll just have to wait, I guess.

Parting Screenshot:

Human Thief chillin’ on the beach.


  1. Hm. Every time I read about thieves I get an urge to play them. They look pretty fun! But they are pretty much on my must play list by now so I will save it for one of the later beta weekends or even release depending on how things go.

    Oh, if you intent to give ranger a try next, you will probably like the long bow the most. Or if you prefer to melee with them, the greatsword is the weapon of choice I would say.

    1. In general, I didn’t really find the Thief that fun. I only like the shortbow-wielding Thief. Although I do love their venoms and signets.

      Honestly, I want to try an axe with a dagger off-hand. Just because it looks good on paper since it has chills and bleeds.

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