BWE (Beta Weekend Event/Best Weekend Ever)

My Summer Staycation #1 will begin tomorrow, and I’m pretty excited that it will start on a very eventful weekend. So, I’ll have my hands full for the next three days, leaving no room for blogging.

Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend Event #2
First up is the Beta Weekend Event for Guild Wars 2. If your Google Reader looks similar to mine, then you know I’m not the only one planning a weekend around this event. Fellow MMO bloggers Rakuno and Optimus Maleficus already have their plans cut out. Mine will look like this:

  1. Start a Human Thief
  2. Party up with my guild mates on WvWvW, and capture keeps!
  3. Play in The PvP Mists
  4. Spend a some time in PvE
  5. Take a lot of screenshots

The Chicago Blues Fest and Printers Row Lit Fest
Unfortunately, I won’t be able to spend a lot of time in this weekend’s event. Because the Chicago Blues Fest and Printers Row Lit Fest will also be on this weekend. What I love about these two events is that they’re free! But with the Guild Wars 2 Beta Event, I’ll probably end up going to the fests on Sunday, Lit Fest during the morning and Blues Fest in the afternoon. Here’s my to do list:

  1. Stock up on cheap hardcovers.
  2. Meet Rebecca Skloot, author of The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, and get my book signed.
  3. Attend some writing workshop
  4. Listen to a lot of Blues
  5. Take lots and lots and lots of pictures.

So, that’ll be my weekend! From where I’m standing, it looks like it’s going to be the best weekend ever. If it doesn’t rain that is.

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