[LotRO] Backpacking in Middle-Earth

I’ve excessively played Diablo III these past few days. So, before I burn myself out prior to reaching level 60, or the infernal Inferno Mode, I decided to jump out from the game and hop in to LotRO.

LotRO, I just realized, is not a valid game for my F2P project. True, I don’t pay a monthly sub, and I won’t anytime soon. But I did shell out some cash to buy the Mithril Edition. So, it’s not purely free anymore. Even though it was on a bargain, I still paid for it.

However, that doesn’t mean I feel guilty spending all that $15 for the Mithril Edition. In fact, knowing that I can level my characters up to 60 without getting quest packs, and having 2,000 Turbine Points in my pocket, I feel that my purchase of the Mithril Edition was justified. What I don’t feel so justified about is buying costumes for my Burglar, Scorbo.

When I got my 2,000 Turbine Points, I tried to set it aside and promised myself that I would only use it on rainy days –like getting an expansion or quest packs. That promise didn’t last long. Because when I found some costumes on the LotRO store, I shopped with gusto like my ex-girlfriend. Now, I’m the sneakers, jeans and t-shirt guy. I don’t care how I look and I certainly don’t like shopping for clothes. But on the LotRO store, I spent hours trying on different outfits for Scorbo.

Scorbo, The Backpacker.

After sometime, I finally did went with the wayfarer look for Scorbo. Because he seems like the guy that won’t stay put. I almost went with a cloak though. But when I found backpacks, that was it. I thought cloaks makes your character look cool. But backpacks, they give your character a lot of ooomph. Now, I wish other games had backpacks.

With what I’ve spent on my new outfit, I’ve only 1200 TP on my account. So, I don’t feel frugal right now. Scorbo looks cool, however. But I just hope that Turbine won’t release any new backpack models soon. Or else I’d go broke.


  1. I can relate. As a former Lineage 2 clan mate would say “In real life I don’t care about my appearance but in-game I am a metrosexual”. And judging from your story I should stay away from the cosmetic outfits in the LotRO store. I spent a good chunck of the TP I got from the Mithril Edition already and still have some more important things to get first!

    1. Oh, so it’s not just me. I was afraid that I was turning into a some kind of fashionista. That would be terrible for my stoner metal image.

      1. Ok. I admit I can be pretty dense and I am not sure if I offended you or not. If so, I apologize as that was not my intention.

      2. No. You didn’t offend me in anyway. What makes you think so?

  2. Haha, so true! In RL I never buy clothes, but I spend hours in-game sorting new outfits. The only way to avoid losing your TP to cosmetics is to not open the Store at all! I got quite good at ignoring it myself. Luckily there are more than enough fine outfits outside the Store. A tip: try the skirmish cosmetic barterers when you get to level 20 for a start. Or if you’re the “one outfit forever” type (which can be quite handy, I believe): enjoy your outfit!

    1. Right now, I’m pretty happy with my outfit. Although leveling from 10 to 60 using one outfit could be boring. So, I might have a wardrobe makeover along the way. But, I’ll try and stay away from the store and research some cheaper way on how to get costumes. And thanks for the tip! I’ll look it up when I reach 20.

  3. Ok. Seems like 3 replies to a comment is the maximum, so new comment it is. @_@

    I guess I was in doubt because of your phrase “That would be terrible for my stoner metal image.”

    I wasn’t sure if you were just joking or got offended and being sarcastic. I guess that goes to show that I tend to worry too much about nothing. In any case, it is all cleared up now. @_@

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