NBI: The End is only the Beginning

The Newbie Bloggers Initiative is definitely the highlight for me last May. Not only did this event introduce me to a crop of new bloggers, and gave me priceless blogging advice, but it also injected into me a rekindled passion for blogging and gaming. I mean, I had 18 posts in just one month, and all of it were about games. In my five years as a struggling blogger, that’s the highest number of posts I wrote in a month.

You know what else are high? My page views, likes and comments. It’s quite flattering to know that at least a hundred people come visit my site everyday and read whatever I write. So, thanks to all the sponsors who gave us some priceless advice and showed us some link love. Thanks to all my fellow newbie bloggers who participated on this event (my Google Reader has been quite lively since). But, most of all, thanks to Syp for spearheading this massively successful event.

To cap this event, I’ve also decided to take on Ambermist’s Final Challenge, in which we introduce to her three of our favorite blogs that participated in NBI. Since there were many good blogs who joined NBI, it was a tough for me to pick only three. But them’s the rules. So, here are my picks:

TL-DR stands for: a) Too Long, Didn’t Read; b) To Level, Defeat Ranganathan ; or c) To Level, Diane Rasmussen. But whatever the acronym really stands for, this blog is full of humor and useful information. But that’s to be expected from its authors, Gameronomist and Inforgamerist, who are both librarians and gamers with a shared interest in information science. I really enjoy every post in this blog. Especially the one about corpse camping.

Divinity’s Reach
I’m not the only one who wants to play Guild Wars 2 now, right this moment. But since we can’t have that, the blog Divinity’s Reach, its author and contributors, is keeping me on the leash with lots of Guild Wars 2 information and guides. I particularly like their character build guides. Especially the “How to Fight a Thief” post

Not Too Heavy
Okay, this is a World of Warcraft blog. If you read my MMO resume (which you probably didn’t), I’ve only played WoW for 6 weeks. So, I know little about the game. Yet, this blog is entertaining the heck out of me. Both authors, JustRight and Escalier, are really good writers (but mostly Escalier). Escalier’s post about MMO naming, On Judgement, is the one that caught my eye.

So, these listed above are my favorite blogs that were spawned by NBI. However, these three blogs aren’t the only ones who are good. There’s more, and you should visit them:

Emerging Blogs:

Lotro Family of Flosiin NightsongRed NeckromongerCasual AggroSWTOR from ScratchElfkina vežičkaUnwavering SentinelWindy Acres RanchTL-DRSaali in TaboreaBad TaurenMusings of an AltoholicNeurotic GirlGeo’s Ironman ChallengeCrafty’s CornerScattered ThoughtsThe Poison MushroomMy Staff is Bigger Than YoursVagabond Goes for a WalkEVE All NightDreadbladePriest All The ThingsBrazokie’s Blog SpaceWarp to ZeroAltaclysmicWinniekin’s Adventures / Winnie goes F2PDiminishing ReturnsWorld’s End TavernWarrior Needs Time BadlyWe do it the WASD Way!Middle-earth InitiativeThat Was An Accident!AggroliciousConveniently Placed Exhaust PortAdamant NomadToastman’s BlogRavalationGaming for IntrovertsThe Incidental AnalystFunspongeBloodthorneAntiPlasmaFrequencyKemwer Game BlogThe Adventures of Danania, Supergirl of LorienUnliving a Death KnightDeathstompMMO JugglerWhite CharrNot Too HeavyFlask Half-EmptyRaspberry JammedClick to LootKaw Kaw! Get in the Bag!Mistress of IllusionsMalefic IncantationsMMO One Night a WeekOmens of OnterionThe Blue Haired GeekTFScribblesGlimpses from Middle-earthGoetia’s Letters/con mmobGaming AbroadBackseat Game Design /Divinity’s ReachBig NumbersTrippin TyriaEons and Eons AwayHorrible Ball of FireImage HeavyCasually ViciousGaming BrewThe Roaring SilenceMMOARprzGame DelverThe Diverted MuseNewbie HobbitBattlemasteredthenotsonewnoobAuction House on FarmGiddeon’s HammerNoob RaiderThe Altoholicstnylan’s musingsThe 10th Level of Gaming HellcommentariliesInside the Magic ShopBeyond Tannhauser GateArgus or BustLotro CinnaWarlockeryStabby McStabStabHealing MainsThe Loony BinWarcraft StreetReal Adventures in Fake WorldsGnomeGates.comHipstalotroThe Butterfly GamerThe Mighty Viking HamsterWhy I GameWald’s WanderingsAld Shot FirstSephora’s ClosetDonovan DronesBeyond ReproachThe Horn & Ivory GatesLandroval StyleMMO AsylumRenai HunterSpace Fiddle

Advice Posts:

That’s it for the NBI month. I know May is already done. But I get the feeling that this is only the beginning for us newbie bloggers.


  1. battlechicken · · Reply

    That is the most accurate blog title ever. May was like a launching pad–you guys take it from here!

    I really appreciate that you linked a specific post for each blog. That’s a great introduction! Thank you!

    1. It was an epic month for us new gamer bloggers, and thanks to you sponsors for giving us a bunch of ideas on what to write.

      1. battlechicken · ·

        I have to be honest, I learned A LOT of stuff from the other sponsor bloggers. There was a crazy amount of good information going out this month.

  2. thanks so much for the tl-dr mention. I loved writing the camping post, but I don’t like *being* camped. 🙂 –Diane/@infogamerist

    1. I’m lucky that I have not experienced being corpse camped. But it’s an ugly, dishonorable practice. My guild and its 3,000 members look down on corpse campers.

  3. Thanks for the nice mention!

    Glad you enjoyed the dumb and nerdy jokes on our about page 😉

    1. Oh no problem. TL-DR is the best blog that came out in NBI, hands down. You guys are even winning the “best blog” category from Syp’s poll.

      Plus, you guys just armed with vital information on how to silence people who scoffs at MMOs but goes on dating sites.

      1. thanks, Skron! See you in Goldshire. 😉

      2. haha! Information is always more fun when it’s funny. Even though I like bad jokes.

  4. Flattered to be in the top 3 :p, even if you like the darker side of Not Too Heavy. I have to agree with Tl-Dr being a favourite as well, those guys are doing a fine job.

    1. thanks so much! The best part is that we’re having a great time building it.

    2. Thanks so much JustRight 🙂 gl in your category on the voting as well!

  5. […] The End is Only The Beginning (The Frugal Gamer) – Award for most fitting blog post title: Skron. Also, some great recommendations for blogs you should check out. Thank you, Skron! […]

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