[Diablo III] Dawn Rose Over The Festering Woods

So, my 96% Magic Find on Diablo III finally paid off in Nightmare Mode. It was when I found a good place to farm for loot. That place is The Festering Woods.

Loot Gholein! Four rare drops in just one 15-minute run through The Festering Woods.

The Festering Woods is in Act 1. It’s accessible after you receive a quest from Alaric, to prove that you’re a Nephalem and then gain entrance to the Drowned Temple. What I love about this area, The Festering Woods, is that it’s small and can be wiped clean of monster within 15 minutes. There are also four boss monsters and a group of champions in this area. On an average 15 minute-run, I’d usually get 2-3 rare drops from those bosses. Spend an hour in this area, and you’re golden.

Dawn, my first legendary item. You want?

This area is also where I got my first legendary item, Dawn. It’s a Demon Hunter hand crossbow though. So, my Barbarian can’t use it. For now, I still don’t know what to do with it. Although I’ll probably end up selling it.



  1. do you find magic find affects the rate in which you get magic items, or the quality?
    anyways; welcome to the blogging community 🙂

    1. It only affects the rate drop rate. The quality, I think, is based on the Monster Level and your Character Level.

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