[Diablo III] Yet Another Version of a Crit Barb

Thanks to the long Memorial Day weekend, I’ve finally finished Diablo III. Surprisingly, this game isn’t too terrible at all. I bought it for its addictive nature of finding golden legendary items, and to prove that my build can own Inferno Mode (it won’t). But I found its story to be rather good also, or at least better than its predecessors. The lore had been greatly expanded. The story had some twist and drama to it. Even the followers have life to them, and kept me entertained while I was mowing down monsters in the dungeon of doom and gloom.

For my first playthrough, I used the Barbarian. I picked the class mainly because its play style is very straightforward –smashing everyone’s faces with a big stick. Easy enough, I was able to finish Normal Mode without rage quitting. So, my Barbarian is now a big boy and he’s back doing ACT I in Nightmare Mode.

Run away, run away from the pain.

Nightmare Mode is virgin territory for me. I never tried playing this mode in Diablo II. Because, right after finishing a class, I’d usually ditch them and start another game with a new class. So, I didn’t had a clue that the monsters, especially the bosses, in this mode have new abilities, and I often died battling them. With my Barbarian dying over and over, I took pause, checked out its class skills, found out that there were a lot that increases Critical Hit Chances. So, I focused on that and ended up with this build: Skron’s Crit Barb.

Here are the details:

Primary Skill(s):
1. Frenzy, Runed with Sidearm
2. Bash, Runed with Onslaught

Frenzy is king. Faster attacks means the faster you can land a critical hit. Runed with Sidearm, and you’re going to clean that dungeon of mobs really fast.

The only downside about Frenzy is that you’ll need to keep on hitting things to able to retain your attack speed. So, if you’re against a boss that knocks back or frightens you, you’re gonna lose that attack speed and have to build it up again. That’s where Bash, Runed with Onslaught, comes in. In my experience, I did better with it against The Butcher than with Frenzy.

Secondary Skill
1. Hammer of the Ancients, Runed with Smash

Runed with Smash, it does 270% weapon damage and an increased Critical Hit Chance of 5%. You’re going to thin bosses’ HP with this.

Defensive Skill
1. Ignore Pain, Runed with Ignorance is Bliss

Ignore Pain is self-explanatory. Runed with Ignorance is Bliss, which gives you a 20% Life Steal, this will be your panic skill.

Might Skill(s)
1. Revenge, Runed with Best Served Cold
2. Overpower, Runed with Killing Spree

Revenge and Overpower are a bit similar. Both are AoE that increases your Critical Hit Chance by 10%. But Revenge does more AoE damage than Overpower, and its Critical Hit Chance duration is twice as long. Plus, it also heals you. However, it can only be activated when you’re hit. Overpower, without Fury costs, can be activated anytime.

Personally, I’d choose Revenge. But these skills are up to the player’s preference.

Tactics Skill
1. Battle Rage, Runed with Marauder’s Rage (or Swords to Plowshares)

The bread and butter of the build. for 15 Fury, Runed with Marauder’s Rage, this buff will increase your damage by 30% and Critical Hit Chance by 3%. If you’re squishy, however, I’d rune it with Swords to Plowshares instead, which increases the drops of health globes every time you crit.

Rage Skill
1. Wrath of the Berserker, Runed with Insanity
2. Earthquake, Runed with The Mountain’s Call

Wrath of the Berserker, Runed with Insanity, increases your damage by 100%, Critical Hit Change by 10%, and attack speed by 25%. You’re gonna love it.

However, Earthquake, Runed with The Mountain’s Call, is pretty fun too. Why? Huge AoE damage with no Fury Costs and a 15 second cooldown.

Passive Skills
1. Ruthless
2. Weapons Master
3. Whatever you think would fit your playstyle

There are only two passive skills worth noting for this build. The first one is Ruthless, which increases your Crit Hit Chance and Crit Hit Damage, and Weapons Master, which gives you bonuses for the types of weapons you use. If you wield Axes and Maces, you get a +10% to your Crit Hit Chance.

Just load up on weapons with high DPS, Life Steals, Attack Speed, Critical Hit Chance and Armor.

For this build, the Scoundrel is the best. He’s range, and he also gives you a +3% to your Critical Hit Chance. The Enchantress comes next. Since she gives you a +3% to your Attack Speed. But, if you’re dying a lot. Then the Templar is a no-brainer.

Now, I’m not a theorycrafter. I don’t test my builds extensively. But I’ve played a bunch of RPGs and know enough how to min-max. So, while I haven’t checked out other people’s builds yet, I’m sure this Crit Barb isn’t the best one out there. But I sure am having fun seeing lots of 2K damage texts popping on my screen. And I hope you will too.

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