[Diablo III] Farm The Butcher

I spent some quality time with Diablo III, yesterday and today, and did things that I wasn’t able to during its launch, which are joining public games and buying items from the auction house.

When I logged into the game last night (saying this is weird because the game isn’t an MMO…or is it?), two of my co-workers already formed a party, and joining them was easy as a click of a button. Getting to their location wasn’t hard either. All I did was click one of their banners and I was ported to the area they were at. I really enjoyed playing the game with both of them. But, most of the time, we were just gossiping and not paying attention. That’s why we got wiped –twice– by The Butcher. But we did clear Act I.

Farming The Butcher.

I haven’t started Act II, however. Because I plan to reach level 20 by farming The Butcher. I like to farm final bosses. I did this a lot in Diablo II. I’d farm Mephisto about a hundred times before moving on to Act IV. Unfortunately, magical item drops seems to be scarce in Diablo III (or I’m just really unlucky). Right now, I’ve 79% Magic Find on my Barbarian. I’ve run The Butcher about 20 times by now. So far, he only dropped a total of six rare items. Now I’m thinking if I should just have more Gold Find instead. Because it’s better just to use the Auction House.

I really like the game’s Auction House. A lot. It just made my life so much easier. Instead of hoping for an item that you need by farming The Butcher or crafting, its more convenient to visit the AH and look for what you want and buy it. While some of the items there have astronomical prices, you might get lucky and find a cheap, rare item. I bought two rings and an amulet, all rare, for a total of 15,000 gold. That’s equal to the amount I wasted on crafting a rare headgear (which yielded ugly modifiers all the time) and less than the time I’ve spent farming The Butcher.

So, that’s it for my time with Diablo III. I don’t know why but I’m really getting addicted to this game. I’m almost at level 20 now. Two more runs with The Butcher and that’ll do it. By the time I write my next post, I’ll be in Act II.

Anyways, you guys interested in exchanging GamerTag? I’ll probably not join your games. But who knows?


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  1. I just recently finished act1. What a wicked cs! Hmm I never thought to level off a boss. Pretty sweet idea! My hubby and I both play. Look me up sometime if u want company! Serenity#1145. Ttyl!

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