Dirt Cheap Games #3

Everyone’s throwing a sale today. Lot’s of good stuff too. Like $5 good. Which I’m glad because I’d rather be cooped up here at home rather than go out –with all that NATO summit and protests going on here in Chicago.

But, anyways, in this post: Amazon’s Game Downloads Mayhem, Steam’s Ubisoft Weekend, and Gamesgate’s Kalypso Week.

Big Daddy meets Little Tommy.

Amazon Game Downloads kicked off its 12-day sale yesterday, and it will run until the 29th of this month. The mark downs are pretty low. Most of the games are a bit dated, however. But it’s good if you’ve missed out on them. The BioShock Dual Pack is my recommended game from the lot. For less than $8, you’ll get two great games that’ll keep you occupied until BioShock Infinite comes out next year. Personally, I’m tempted to pick up Metro 2o33. Just because I like post-apocalyptic settings and it’s only $5. But I already got my hands full with Diablo III.

On Steam, they have a Ubisoft Weekend event going on. You get 33% on all Ubisoft titles and then there’s also a 50% off daily deal. Yesterday, they had the entire Ghost Recon franchise on sale. Today, they have 3 games: Shoot Many Robots, Rayman Origins and From Dust. All of which seems like good indie games. But Shoot Many Robots looks to be a fun game if played with friends.

Gamersgate is having a week long sale of Kalypso games. I’m not really familiar with most Kalypso games. But Disciples III: Resurrection is probably the best game and, for $4, also the cheapest that you can buy. So, if you’re up for some turn-based strategy, you can grab that one. Alternatively, you can also pick up Disciples III: Gold Edition on Gamestop/Impulse for $7, which is even cheaper because this bundle includes both Renaissance and Resurrection.

There’s also a site, called Steam Game Sales, that tracks down all sales from digital game distributors. They update their site pretty quickly and are much more efficient on showing you what’s on sale. In short, they’re better than I am. Thanks to my fellow newbie blogger, Ocho of Casual Aggro, for this info.

So, that’s it for this round of Dirt Cheap Games. What are you gonna buy?


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