The Wastrel Gamer: Diablo III

I am a frugal person. But, from time to time, I do allow myself an ounce profligacy and buy new games in full price. I already bought Mass Effect 3 earlier this year, and then pre-purchased Guild Wars 2. Now, my latest frivolous purchase is Diablo III.

Stay awhile and listen.

Initially, I didn’t plan on getting Diablo III on its release date. I was going to wait until Blizzard drops its price before buying it. But BioShock Infinite, which is my most anticipated game of 2012, and the one that I’ve been saving my money for, was pushed back to 2013. In addition, some of my co-workers, people that I never suspected were gamers, are so eager to play D3 with me. So, that’s why I bought the game.

I instantaneously disliked the game’s “log in to play” policy. It became a problem at last night’s launch. Because it took me a while to get into the server. I did get in though. But, for wanting to play solo, the wait was just too much. For my first character, I rolled a Barbarian. The class being from Diablo II as well, I thought I’d be familiar with it. I was also surprised to see that you can select gender for each class this time. So, now, you can play as a female Barbarian. I still selected a male character though.

Killing the Undead.

Diablo III‘s controls is pretty basic and its interface is very intuitive. It’s point and click on the ground to move, and point and click on the monster to kill. That’s it. Your active skills are also hotkeyed, MMO style. So, it’s pretty easy to activate them when you’re in a bind. Identify and town portal scrolls were also eschewed. There’s no need to identify items this time, and summoning a town portal is now an ability.

As for the gameplay, it’s too early for me to tell if I like it. Right now, I’m on the fence. But it’s still the same hack n’ slash game that we know. Except, this time, it’s more of an action game than an action-RPG. There is no skill tree or points to allocate in here. Your attributes just automatically go up every time you level. The skills are also fewer, and you can’t choose anymore, you just earn one when you hit a certain level. Which means, you can’t build your character the way you want it.

Chopping down trees.

So far, I’ve only spent 4 hours in the game, and I’ve yet to try other features –such as shared questing. Most importantly, I also need to check out its auction house, where you can buy gear with real money. So, pardon me, I’ve got monsters to kill.



  1. Welcome to the NBI! Glad you’re having fun in D3, will look forward to hearing more of your perspectives on this!

    1. Thanks for the link love, and thank you for organizing MMONBI.

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