F2P Journey: Traipsing in Middle-Earth

The Lord of the Rings Online is my first foray into MMORPG. While I only played it for four months, the game made a huge impact on me. So, when I decided to look for a free-to-play MMO, LOTRO is one of the games that I wanted to try. It was, however, at the bottom of my list. Because I was saving it –the best– for last. But when Gamestop/Impulse cut the price of the Mithral Edition, allowing me to earn some solid footing in the game, it jumped to the top of my list. So, I hastily downloaded and installed LOTRO.

My Hobbit Burglar, Scorbo, sporting his 5th Anniversary clothing.

I stopped playing LOTRO around July ’07. So, it came as a surprise that I still remember my 5-year old account username. Unfortunately, I didn’t remember my password. But the username was enough to reclaim my old account. Once I logged in, I really felt welcomed into the game. I even received gifts, five of them too –one for each year since I started my account. I also found out that I’m a premium player. I don’t really know why or how I became one. I suspect it’s because I own Shadows of Angmar or bought the Mithral Edition. Anyways, I don’t really know what benefits entails a premium player. I will learn more about this.

I picked the Landroval server, which is my old server, and also because a lot of the new bloggers I know are on this server. I was very happy to find Kelvorn, a Champion of Gondor, and my first MMO character. I played him for a bit. But I was just lost. I couldn’t follow the story of his quests anymore. So, I rolled a new character instead, a Burglar Hobbit named Scorbo. I know, the name is pretty bad. But no one cares about your name, according to Escalier of Not Too Heavy blog.

Steed of the Horse-Lords. It’s really convenient to have a mount at lower levels.

I only spent a few hours in LOTRO, and I was only level 7 when I logged out. But I had tons of fun during my time with it. I forgot how beautiful the atmosphere of this game is. Especially in The Shire. While JRR Tolkien might be rolling in his grave right now, I did enjoy its story as well. While I still have a lot of F2P games to try on my list, I already feel at home in LOTRO. So, I’m certain that I’m going to keep on coming back here. After all, with the boost I got from the Mithral Edition, I have 2,000 Turbine Points to spend, four quest packs to finish, and a mount to help me explore Middle-Earth.

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