Dirt Cheap Games #2

There are lot of bargains going on today. So, if you’re too poor to do something over this weekend, and if you have nothing to play with, I got you covered. Also, it’s Mother’s Day this Sunday. If you have a gamer mom or a gamer wife who’s a mom, you need to show your love and grab them something too. It doesn’t have to be fancy. A $5 game should do it. After all, it’s the thought that counts. Right.

Anyways, in this post, the games on Steam’s Weekend Deal and Gamestop’s/Impulse’s Spring Sale.

Sk’ronn, my Khajit Thief in Skyrim.

From Steam, Portal 2 is still up on sale for $7. So, if you missed out on their midweek sale, you can still grab this game, which is hailed by many as “Best Game of 2011”. Skyrim is also on sale. But, for $40, it’s still a bit pricey. I suggest you wait a while longer until Steam kicks off this summer sale, which is around The 4th of July. I’m pretty sure the price will be much lower by then.

Possibly the best game that you can pick up from Steam right now is Company of Heroes. It’s one of my favorite real-time strategy games. I’m not sure if its multiplayer is still active. But its campaign is pretty engaging. That alone will keep you occupied. Plus, you can buy it for only $2 –and $10 for the whole franchise.

Gamestop/Impulse is also having a Spring Sale, and they have a lot of good games in their bargain bin. My first pick is definitely Batman: Arkham Asylum. For $5, you should pick this game up if you haven’t tried any of the Batman games from Rocksteady Studios. My next pick is Deus Ex: Human Evolution. This is my favorite game of 2011. If you haven’t played it, now’s your chance to get it for $10. Lastly, Empire & Napoleon: Total War. Two great real-time strategy games, 7 DLCs, for $8. That’s a steal.

The Lord of the Rings Online: Mithril Edition is also 50% off at Gamestop/Impulse. Thanks to my fellow newbie blogger, Ocho, at Casual Aggro, for spotting this sale. I’m getting this one myself. But, since I don’t know enough about LotRO to tell you that this is a good deal, I’ll just direct you to Casual Aggro and A Casual Stroll to Mordor. Those blogs have good posts explaining why the Mithril Edition is worth picking up.

That’s it for Dirt Cheap Games. Remember that all sales ends on Monday. So, do hurry up, and happy gaming. Stay cheap.


  1. Every time I see Skyrim on sale, I want to grab it but keep thinking that it’ll be cheaper again soon. Someday… someday. I hope you’re right about their July sale. 🙂

    By the way, thanks for mentioning Casual Aggro! Much appreciated!

    1. Yeah, $40 is still pretty steep. I’m hope I’m right too, about their July sale. Not sure how cheap it’ll be. But I’m sure it’ll be cheaper than $40.

  2. A little late but just wanted to say thanks! 🙂

    I’ve been pondering about playing LotRO again and this GameStop/Impulse promotion pushed me to finally do it. Now I just need to download the game again and remember my old account info….

    As for Skyrim, I bought it earlier in a 30% discount promotion on Steam. In my opinion $40 should have been the standard price from the beginning, even more so for a digital edition. But alas, they decided to go with $60 for the normal price…. In any case it is worth it. One of the best games in the series and if anyone is still on the fence about it and see it in a even cheaper promotion, grab it! I can’t recommend the game enough! 🙂

    1. Same here! LotRO was one of the games that I wanted to experiment with. But it was way down on my list. But the Gamestop/Impulse promotion just bumped it up.

  3. Hey. I found a link you might find useful. Its http://www.steamgamesales.com/ Essentially, its a small site that lists the best deals on all the different download sites, most of which I’ve never heard of… but it has the big ones like Steam and Impulse. Hope this helps!

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